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These are some of the workshops and yoga classes I offer. Please get in touch if you want to learn more or work with me, I would love to hear from you.


Yoga Fundamentals

This is great for beginners and experienced yogis alike. Come and talk and experience why it is that yoga feels so good to practice and why it benefits the mind and the body. When we understand why we do something it gives it more depth and is applicable to our everyday lives. Working with the four main pillars of the practice Pranayama, Bunda, Dristi, and Asana we focus on technique and the basics of a strong yoga practice. Bring your questions and a fun attitude along with you. Great refresher course available as well.

Chakra Balancing

Currently available to purchase online – follow the link.

Chakra balancing is a practice where we balance the seven main energy centres located along the spine. Chakras are vorticles or whirlpools of pranic energy junction points that are responsible for controlling the flow of prana which permeates the entire human structure. Junction points between consciousness and physiology. On a physical level the chakras are associated with the major nerve plexuses and endocrine glands. The chakras act as switches to open up specific areas of the brain and psyche. These centres of energy govern the core emotional and physical functions of your being. This practice will balance all centres and leave you feeling and refreshed and restored and give you some great insight to your inner being.

Arm Balances and Inversions – Lets Get Upside Down

Come and play. In this workshop we get upside down. Practicing headstand, handstand, crow pose and other arm balance variations that you’d like to build upon. This is a great way to challenge yourself and promote blood flow to the brain as well as have some fun. Balance is a key factor in our everyday lives so by building a strong playful sense of balance on our yoga mat it can spill into our everyday lives as well.

Partner Yoga Workshop

Build trust, communication and connection. In this workshop we break down the barriers that stop us from truly connecting with others, what we see in ourselves also exists in those around us, and this practice acts as a mirror. This is a safe fun environment to explore and deepen your practice with a friend or partner. Lots of fun! And a great photo opportunity when we come into the poses.

Om Circle

A beautiful vibrational healing meditation. We chant 108 OM’s sitting in a circle. You have the opportunity to soak up the sea of positive vibes by lying in savasana in the middle of the group for as long as you need. Chanting the mantra OM (AUM) has been proven to calm the nervous systems, focus the mind and promote a more peaceful internal environment making space for healing, creativity, stillness, intuition and connection.

Heart opening

Work on safely opening the chest through a range of supported and unsupported heart openers. Breathe deeply as we move forward with love through loving kindness mediations and by building a healthy free moving spine, we focus on building lower bak muscles, core strength and working into poses such as bow pose, locus camel and many more. Come and allow your heart to sing.


Power Yoga

Build strength and stamina, increase flexibility, bone density and agility. Yoga Power is high on sweat factor, fat burning, mental concentration and commitment. Step outside your comfort zone and make way for new experiences. We never really know what we are capable of until we try! We build power through breath, asana and meditation. Your power comes from within.

Vinyasa Yoga

A moderate flowing vinyasa practice allowing you to focus on the anatomical alignment of the yoga poses and to find more depth and physical awareness during your time on the mat. This practice allows you the space and time to explore your body in the poses enhancing your strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. perfect for anyone and everyone.

Yin Yoga

A gentle restorative style of yoga promoting flexibility and great for relaxing and unwinding. All poses held for 3-5mins to promote maximum relaxation. I also incorporate roll and release techniques working into the myofascial layer of the tissues to promote uptime relaxation. This practice is sure to lead you feeling restored.

Yoga Beats

A fun upbeat class with all the latest tunes, yoga beats is a yoga flow with extra jam! Practice with the pumping tunes whilst incorporating some of your own fun and dance moves. In this practice there are plenty of laughs and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we get to shake our asanas in this extra jam packed class full of poses and an extra light hearted groove. Yoga beats makes lots of room for fun and laughter.


Guided meditation class designed for healing and to allow you float away in the ambient sounds. Allow yourself the time to reset the nervous system and create stillness in the mind. A great opportunity to wash away the dust of the day.


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